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Eyelid and face malposition and disease


Both aging and disease can cause problems with the eyelids and face that interfere with our daily lives. Common issues include drooping eyelids and foreheads blocking peripheral vision, eyelids that are turned inwards or outwards causing irritation and redness, and problems arising from facial fractures and facial paralysis.


We specialize in identifying the source of your concern and restoring the natural anatomy of the eyelids and face, oftentimes with minimally-invasive techniques and reduced downtime. Our goal is restoring your natural appearance with comfortable and long-lasting results.


Tearing and tear drain problems


Chronic tearing and wet eyes are a source of significant frustration for patients. The cause is often multifactorial, but can frequently include problems with the tear drain of the eye: when the drain is blocked, tears have nowhere to go and run down the cheek. We specialize in the diagnosis of the precise cause (or causes) of your tearing, and use this information to provide effective solutions for this frustrating issue.




Facial skin cancers and benign growths


Skin cancers can affect the vital tissues of the face and eyelids and can result in significant deformities when removed. Due to their dynamic movement and critical role in protecting the eye, reconstruction of the eyelids requires highly complex repair. Both Dr. Tower and Dr. Giese have devoted their training and practice to mastering these techniques and are uniquely qualified to treat skin cancers involving the eyelids and periorbital tissues.


The eyelids are also prone to benign (non-cancerous) tissue growths, such as styes, skin tags, warts, and congenital lesions. If indicated, these can oftentimes be diagnosed and removed with minimal downtime in the office with excellent cosmetic results.

Thyroid Eye Disease


Thyroid eye disease can be a devastating consequence of thyroid disorders and causes many distressing issues, such as bulging eyes, intractable double vision, severe dry eye, and permanent vision loss. Dr. Giese specializes in the management of patients with thyroid eye disease and utilizes solutions tailored to the severity of the disease, including effective lifestyle modifications and eyedrops, novel intravenous medications (e.g. Teprotumumab and Tocilizumab), and surgical rehabilitation, when indicated. He furthermore works in tandem with your endocrinologist to ensure the disease is treated as quickly and effectively as possible. 


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