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Physician/Surgeon: Oregon, Washington, New York, Connecticut, Texas


Fellow: American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS)


Board Certified: American Board of Ophthalmology



Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University

Past Director of Oculoplastic & Orbital Surgery, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Washington School of Medicine


Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Washington School of Medicine


University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Fellowship, Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Oregon Health & Sciences University


Residency, Ophthalmology: Yale University School of Medicine


Internship, Surgery: Greenwich Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine



Tower RN, Reddy HS, Peckinpaugh J. Large Particle Hyaluronic Acid Gel for the Treatment of Lower Eyelid Retraction Associated with Radiation Induced Lipoatrophy.  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 26(5):377-8, 2010 September.

Soparkar CN, Patrinely JR, Skibell BC, Tower RN.  Hyaluronidase and Restylane. [Comment].  Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.  9(4): 299-300, 2007 Jul-Aug.

Tower RN, Soparkar CN, Patrinely JR.  Perspectives on Periocular Asymmetry.  Seminars in Plastic Surgery.  2007; 21: 18-23.

Sami MS. Tower RN, Soparkar CN, Patrinely JR.  Eyelid Edema.  Seminars in Plastic Surgery.  2007; 21: 24-31.

Dailey RA, Tower RN.  Frosted Jones Tubes.  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 21(3): 185-7, 2005 May.

Dailey RA, Saulny SM, Tower RN.  Treatment of Multiple Apocrine Hidrocystomas with Trichloroacetic Acid.  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 21(2): 148-50, 2005 March.

Bailey KL, Tower RN, Dailey RA.  Customized Single Incision 3-Wall Orbital Decompression.  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 21(1): 1-9, 2005 January.

Tower RN, Dailey RA.  Endoscopic Pretrichial Brow Lift:  Surgical Indications, With Technique and Outcomes.  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 20(4): 268-273, 2004 July.

Tower RN, Dailey RA.  Gold Weight Implantation:  A Better Way?  Ophth Plast Recon Surg. 20(3): 202-6, 2004 May.


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